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Wee Links






A Wee Links golf course is a six-hole, par 18 golf course built on about an acre of land. The longest hole is 30 yards, and the entire course is less than 160 yards long. Greens are 15-20 feet in diameter. The cups are larger than a regulation cup (six inches instead of 4.25 inches) and the flagsticks are five feet tall, so they are easy for young players to handle. Tee boxes are 3x6 foot rectangles of artificial turf. Six holes can be played in 20 minutes, and 18 holes can be played in an hour.

Wee Links is ideal for introducing the game of golf to anyone at any age. A Wee Links course can be used to efficiently teach putting, chipping, and pitching. Playing a Wee Links course introduces the importance of forming a creative strategy prior to playing a stroke. On a Wee Links, players learn the basic rules of golf, definitions, golf vocabulary, course etiquette, scoring, and good safety practices. Wee Links are also very effective in the introduction of various playing formats and games. Having group or individual instruction available, using the Wee Links, makes teaching and learning much more efficient.

While Wee Links is ideal for instruction, it is perfectly suited for individual play and social play activities for experienced players. The ease of play and close proximity make Wee Links perfect for social outings for experienced players of all ages.

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